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Almost there...

by Jordan Matthei on 04/16/12

With all the metal components completed we assembled the table.

What a great feeling when we turned the apron and the top pieces moved away from the center and then back again. We did it! We had a funcitioning table.

We also had a lot of tweaking to do before we had a finished table. The mechansim that converts rotation of the apron into the straight line motion of the top pieces needed a lot of tweaking and refining. We took the top off and got back to work, albeit with a real sense of accomplishment and the confidence that we were now in the home stretch.

We fixed and fiddled and tweaked. There was a lot of "How about...." and "What if....". Make no mistake; there was more than enough "WTF?!".

We finally cracked the code and now we have a table that opens and closes consistently with pieces sliding in and out of position just like the video that got us hooked on the idea in the first place.

All that remains is to make the infill leaves.

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